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Brie Style

bedda Brie Style – Vegan Cheese Brie Style

Born in Hamburg, blessed with French finesse: The creamy soft cheese alternative Brie Style is based on regional ingredients such as potatoes and rapeseed. Just like the original made from cow’s milk, it matures for ten days after production to develop its creamy consistency.

bedda Testimonial Profilbild

“Come ooooon that’s a good one!”

“Barely bought, he is already snacked – the Brie Style is my absolute favorite from bedda!”

- Cecilia, 46 from Oklahoma

Our mission:

Make a bedda world

At bedda, we have made it our mission to make the world a little bedda every day. 

Our claim: To produce the best plant-based cheese alternative – but in a delicious version, please!
Once you’ve had the pleasure of tasting bedda Brie Style, you’ll agree with us when we say: We did it!

Nutrition Facts


Water, Rapeseed Oil, Potato Starch, Salt, Potato Protein, Aroma, Carotin, Edible Mold.

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Brie Style

Nutritional values:

Nutritional values per 100g

Additional information


1080 kJ
261 kcal

Total Fat

24,0 g

Saturated Fat


Total Carbohydrate



0 g


1,4 g


1,8 g

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bedda Brie Style