Our philosophy: Make it bedda!

bedda Tasche vegane Produkte

Quality & Diligence

We at bedda always guarantee you the greatest care with all products. Our high demand for quality is the basis for the development of vegan food.

Veganer Mac and Cheese-Burger
vegane schlagsahne alternative bedda schlagcreme

100% vegan

We use high-quality plant protein instead of animal protein. 

We deliberately avoid soy as a strong allergen. Instead, you will find coconut oil in our slices or almond in our spreads and rolls. 

bedda is guaranteed to be free of animal traces and full of quality and taste! 

Gluten and flavor enhancers have nothing to do with us – why should they? We are also delicious ‘without’!

Calcium & Vitamin B12

The composition of our vegan cheese alternatives and other plant-based products meets the highest nutritional requirements.

With the addition of calcium and vitamin B12, we ensure that you can enjoy your favorite vegan products while getting these important nutrients in a delicious form.