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bedda Kräuter-Hirte auf Salat

bedda Greek Style

Our favorite: The alternative for Greek-inspired soft cheese in our new, fermented version. Mild & creamy – also perfect for bbq.

✓ 100% plant-based
✓ no palm oil
✓ no artificial flavor enhancers
✓ gluten-free
✓ soy-free 

bedda Greek Style – The original. It's the brine that counts

The bedda Greek Style is no feta, but the best plant-based alternative to Greek style cheese there is. Why do we know this? Because we experimented until we were 100% satisfied with the taste and consistency.

The bedda Greek Style comes in a brine, which makes it durable and delicious – we do not need artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers. Our Greek Style gets the time and attention it needs to ferment – and you can taste it. Convince yourself with our varieties Greek Style Plain and and Greek Style Herbs.

  • Greek Style Herbsbedda Kräuter-Hirte auf Salat

    Greek Style With Herbs – Vegan greek style cheese Alternative

    Vegan greek style cheese alternative based on coconut oil with herbs. 100% plant-based.

    You love our Greek Style Plain and are craving a change every now and then? Good news: The Greek Style is also available as a herb variant! The cheese substitute inspired by Greek soft cheese is ideal for salads, quiches or just for in between.

  • Greek Style Plainbedda Hirte mit Gemüse

    Greek Style Plain – Vegan greek style cheese alternative

    Vegan feta alternative based on coconut oil. 100% plant-based.

    The bedda Greek Style Plain is ideal for salads and suitable for grilling, for antipasti or just as a snack for in between.