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Creamy Spread Bell Pepper

Creamy Spread Bell Pepper – Vegan spicy cream cheese

Our vegan cream spread with a slight spiciness: Inspired by cream cheese, the bell pepper roll brings new zest to the table!

That little extra will give your taste buds unexpected “wow” moments.

bedda Testimonial Profilbild

“Not only a hit as a spread!”

“I finish my vegan chilli with a dollop of bedda Creamy Spread Bell Pepper on top – sensational!!”

- Anna, 24, from Raleigh

Our mission:

Make a bedda world

At bedda, we have made it our mission to make the world a little bedda every day.

…and sometimes a little spicier. We have definitely succeeded with the bedda Creamy Spread Bell Pepper!

Ingredients and nutritional values


ALMOND PREPARATION 55% (water, almond protein), coconut oil, paprika 5%, tomato paste, ground mustard seeds, sugar, table salt, chipotle powder, chilies, spices, grained broth, distilled vinegar, acidifier: citric acid, thickener: carob seed.
This product is free of soy, lactose and gluten.

bedda Frischcreme Paprika auf Brot
bedda Frischcreme Paprika

Nutritional values:

Nutritional values per 100g

Additional information


964 kj / 233 kcal

Total Fat

21,5 g

Saturated Fat

19,0 g

Total Carbohydrate

4,5 g


4,0 g


4,5 g


2,0 g

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bedda Frischcreme Paprika