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bedda vegan cheese alternatives & more: Our products

In the beginning were our cheese alternatives, from the classic slices to the vegan feta cheese to the vegan mozzarella alternative.

And then you came up with questions like: “Why don’t you make … vegan tartar sauce/mayo/desserts…?”.

And because your enthusiasm is our greatest motivation, we are constantly trying out new recipes. Little by little, we pick one favourite product from the refrigerated section after another and make it … bedda!

From spreads and rolls to vegan aioli and hollandaise, there is almost no wish left unfulfilled (and if there is: write to us!).

Our vegan alternatives are always without soy, palm oil and flavour enhancers. By the way, not only vegans know that bedda is simply better: Also our flexitarian friends are enthusiastic about bedda!

Which bedda product will you try next?