because it’s bedda– our guarantee

bedda always guarantees you the greatest care when it comes to our products. we will never set less than the highest standards when developing our products. therefore, we are using high-quality plant protein instead of animal protein. we decidedly avoid using soya as a known strong allergen and our formula meets the highest nutritional requirements. by adding calcium and vitamin b12, we ensure that you can enjoy our products and have your good share of these important nutrients in a delicious way.

for a better, meat-free, healthy world, we are constantly improving our products and will be happy to receive your feedback and your suggestions.

good, better, even bedda – our philosophy

at bedda, we want to make this world a little bit better. every day, bit by bit. we believe that we will achieve this with our animal-free products and are putting heart and soul into making balanced and tasty alternative options. whether you want to enjoy an alternative to cheese, have a craving for deli-stylesalads, or are jazzing up your day with our mayo, we will support you with everything we have in your decision to live a life free from animal productsand not to miss out on anything by doing so. as we say at bedda: make a bedda world.

make a bedda choice – 5 reasons

less is more! bedda products only contain what they really need to make them taste good. that means that we avoid all unnecessary ingredients. bedda products are always:

  • soya free
  • free from palm oil
  • gluten free
  • free from animal products
  • free from flavour enhancers


can we a go a bit further? we don’t know why this question is never asked when it comes to label ling vegan products. we asked ourselves this very question and are happy to be certified with the “vegan+”seal of approval, awarded by the vegan society. “vegan +” means that, starting right from the manufacturing process, we ensure that our products are free from animal testing and animal products. the production site guarantees that machines, packaging and material used in the manufacturing process do not come into contact with animal products, and in particular,are not produced using animal testing. we verify this regularly using genetic tests; because sometimes,more is bedda.